Windows Hays

If you are a value conscious home owner, property manager or business owner you need the help of Windows Hays to help you with window installation, repair and maintenance. We help with a wide range of window types like:

  • Single hung windows
  • Double hung
  • Sliding windows
  • Casement and awning windows
  • Tilt and turn windows
  • Patio doors
  • Doors
  • Special shares

The window type you might want comes in a wide range of materials like thermally broken aluminum, high performance vinyl, fiberglass, and oak veneer.  The frame types for the windows are not of just one type.  They are available in different types of glass packages and are designed to cater to your energy needs.

When it comes to choice of windows you have to think in terms of efficiency, colors and other optional features in the windows.  Some window frames like vinyl are natural insulators and they are engineered in a way to provide with better efficiency and energy conservation.  You should as well look for the warranty types.

Most windows are available in custom colors apart from regular brown, rainware white, almond and more.  You can discuss other optional features for your windows like:

  • STDL
  • Contoured lites
  • Solar screens
  • Tinted glass
  • Triple paned glazing
  • Muntin bars
  • And many other options

Whether you are looking for windows for new construction, remodeling or replacement we will have a solution for you.  Every window installation need is unique, therefore you might have to spare a few minutes with our staff in deciding on the window type that will suit you the best. Whether you need vinyl windows, aluminum windows, fiberglass windows, doors for patio and entry, you have choices everywhere in terms of color, style quality, brand and price.  We will help you compare the options, narrow down to the ones that will most suit you and to eventually finalize the best window type.

We provide you with high quality attention to your needs.  The installation help we provide you with is from highly-skilled installation technicians who know their job and have had years of experience in offering the best installation help from Windows Hays.

Doors Hays

Doors Hays are valuable when it comes to having the best doors installed because we have been doing it for years.  We will be glad to guide you to choose the best entry door systems for your residence or commercial office.  The doors we install for you are not only highly efficient, but they are durable as well.  We help with installation, repair and maintenance of residential and commercial doors.


There are different types of doors in existence and you have a wide variety of them to choose from. Whether it is for your front door or your cabinet, the options are endless.

  • Cabinet doors
  • Hardwood kitchen cabinet doors
  • Sliding screen door types


Roofing Hays

Roofing Hays provides you with professional roofing help in the Hays area.  We help with maintenance, installation, and repair of every kind of roof type.  We cater to commercial and residential roofing help.  Our guys are insured, bonded and licensed to perform roofing tasks.


Our certified roofing contractors can work on a wide range of roofing materials providing:

  • Residential roofing and re-roofing needs
  • Commercial roofing and re-roofing needs
  • Emergency roofing and re-roofing needs


Window Replacement Hays

When it comes to window replacement, it is very important that you choose the right contractor to do the job for you.  Window Replacement Hays is here to provide you with high quality window replacement help. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner you might not have encountered the need for a window change very often and you are wondering about the options you need to think of.


Hurricane resistant windows are becoming increasingly famous for the kind of durability they can offer.  You can choose our service to help with:

  • Installation of impact resistant windows
  • Replacement of windows in residential buildings
  • Replacement of windows in commercial buildings
  • Impact windows installation
  • Non-impact windows installation


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